How to Repurpose TikTok Content Into Idea Pins on Pinterest?

Part of any business’s digital marketing strategy should be repurposing content. This doesn’t mean creating one piece of content and reposting it everywhere without making any modifications. Instead, you should be taking your content, tailoring it to different platforms, and using it to grow your audience across these platforms. Today, we’re going to be talking about how you can repurpose TikTok content into Idea pins on Pinterest.

What Videos Do Well As Idea Pins?

If you’re making videos for TikTok, you are already making content that you can repurpose for amazing Idea pins. Pinterest users watch about one billion videos per day, so video content is perfect to use for your Idea pins. However, not all TikTok videos are ideal Pinterest content. One element of cross-platform content use you need to consider is trends.

TikTok and Pinterest Algorithm

TikTok’s algorithm and Pinterest’s algorithm promote different things, so if you’re making videos that jump on TikTok trends, they might not get as much attention on Pinterest as they do on TikTok.  As an example, videos, where you’re dancing and pointing to valuable tips are seen as a little passé on TikTok. However, those videos are doing great on Pinterest right now! This means that if you’ve made those in the past, now is a perfect time to pull those and repurpose that TikTok content into Idea pins. 

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Video Content That Performs on Pinterest

TikTok content that has educational value, where you’re teaching about something, also does very well on Pinterest. Trends come and go, but content that has a high value is evergreen. “Talking head” style videos also do well when they provide value.

“Trends come and go, but content that has a high value is evergreen.”

The important thing here is to think about the purpose of your Pinterest account. When you look at social media like TikTok, fast-moving trends are an important part of how the platform functions. But Pinterest is different. 

Video Content To Avoid for Pinterest

As a visual search engine, its users aren’t looking primarily for entertainment like they are on TikTok. Instead, Pinners are searching for inspiration and ideas. Fun, silly videos that get great attention on TikTok don’t fit that mindset as well. That means it’s important to think about your content strategy for Pinterest and only repurpose TikToks that align with your goals.

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How To Repurpose TikTok Content Into Idea Pins

When you’re repurposing your TikTok content, it’s important to keep Pinterest’s culture in mind. You might be concerned about TikTok sounds due to the potential for cross-platform copyright issues. Right now, this doesn’t seem to be a problem on Pinterest, and you shouldn’t overthink copyright issues for now. Copyright strikes are a huge problem for YouTube content, but not for TikTok/Pinterest conversion.


Watermarks, however, are a problem on Pinterest. Pinterest’s engineering doesn’t reward repeated content, so it’s better to take the TikTok watermark off of your repurposed content. Plus it looks ugly and lazy to have your content showing watermarks from other platforms.


Lyrical content can also be an issue. Pinterest has a wider demographic appeal than TikTok, and again, it’s seen as a platform you can use for inspiration rather than entertainment. This means that when you’re repurposing a video with a trending sound that’s not appropriate for a more professional purpose, you should swap out that audio for some other sound.

It’s totally fine to use those sounds on TikTok, but being aware of your audience and their expectations will help when you’re choosing how to repurpose content. Be mindful of sharing videos with sounds that have lyrics that aren’t the clean version of the song. Use discretion here with those.

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Finally, you should remember that when you’re repurposing your TikTok content for Pinterest, you’re not just sharing identical content to a new platform. Instead, you’re refreshing it and creating something with some subtle differences that take each new platform into account.

Part of repurposing content is touching up your keywords and titles. This not only makes your content look new and fresh (which is rewarded by Pinterest’s engineering), but it also means that the repurposed content is likely to perform better. Since the new titles and keywords take both your established Pinterest strategy and what’s currently doing well on Pinterest into account.

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How Many TikToks Should I Repurpose?

The exact number of Pins you create each week depends on your overall strategy. It’s important to note that your TikTok content should not be repurposed as standard pins, which would link back to your main website. Don’t make the mistake of accidentally linking to your TikTok account! Instead, be sure to repurpose Tiktok content into Idea pins. Idea pins don’t link off-site, and instead, help with conversion through building your followers and driving traffic to your website when they engage further with your content. 

“Instead, be sure to repurpose Tiktok content into Idea pins. Idea pins don’t link off-site, and instead, help with conversion through building your followers and driving traffic to your website when they engage further with your content.”

When you repurpose content from TikTok, you can then use that content to create one or two Idea pins per day. You can do more if you want to, but one to two Idea pins coupled with your standard pin content is enough to see more views and more followers. Through repurposing into Idea Pins, you can make your TikTok content do even more work for you!

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