How to Use Pinterest Trends for Growth and Content Creation

It seems like there is always something changing with our favorite platforms. Unfortunately, Pinterest is no different. In order to maximize your online marketing strategy, you’ll have to learn to adapt and grow with each new change or update Pinterest rolls out. Learning how to use Pinterest Trends for growth in your strategy is really important here.

In a world where you need to be continuously marketing, adapting can feel overwhelming. You might feel like you don’t have the time to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and platform changes while you’re also generating content constantly.

That’s why giving you some quick, accessible updates about changes to Pinterest and how you can use them to your advantage, instead of letting them hold you back. The more you know, the more you can customize your marketing strategy to perfectly fit the Pinterest platform. When that happens, that’s when you really start seeing your Pinterest numbers, and your business, grow.

Changes in Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest recently changed the way they conduct and present analytics. When this happened, you may have noticed your total number of views significantly decreased.

One of the nice things about Pinterest is that it shows you in a very clear, simple way how many views your Pinned content is getting. It shows this data in one big, cumulative number.

One of the nice things about Pinterest is that it shows you in a very clear, simple way how many views your Pinned content is getting… in one big, cumulative number.

However, once this analytics change took place, you may have watched that number drop. You’re not alone; it even happened to me. I had about 300,000 views 3 months ago and now I’m down to barely 30,000.

If those numbers make you want to panic, I get it! But, let me explain.

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Pinterest Views Explained

Your number of views used to be a sum total of the views on your personal pinned content AND the views from content from other creators that you had Pinned or saved. So, not only were you generating your own views, but you were accumulating the views on other creators’ content, as well.

Now, that number only accounts for the views on content that belongs to you or your claimed accounts like Instagram, your website, and whatever other accounts you have linked to your Pinterest.

So, if you’ve watched your views drop dramatically, it’s only because the metrics have changed. That number is now being pulled from one source only (you) instead of across multiple sources.

Watching that number go down can be discouraging. But, in reality, you don’t have any less of a following than you used to, the numbers are just displayed differently.

Still, it might be a good opportunity to commit even more energy to generating views for your own content and claimed accounts so that you can watch that number rise again!

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How to Use Pinterest Trends

The Pinterest Trends tool functions as a kind of search engine where you can see what keywords are currently trending across Pinterest. You can see the number of searches over time and when the search terms are at their highest volume.

For example, you might see keywords and terms around summer activities like pool parties or beach days skyrocket around June 1st, at the start of the summer.

Starting to use these keywords when they’re already trending doesn’t necessarily help you. You want to learn and anticipate these trends so that you can start using these keywords in advance. Then, by the time these keywords are trending, your content is on the map. So, if you’ve got summer keywords you want seen by June 1st? Start pinning in the middle of April.

When to Use Keyword Trends

Understanding how to use Pinterest trends helps you know:

  • when to share your content
  • how to maximize your pin descriptions
  • how to plan your content calendar a little better

You’ll know which trends are coming up and can start to strategize your online marketing content in advance.

Understanding exactly what your audience is looking for or will be looking for in the near future is the best way to generate organic traffic and that traffic turns into views. If you target and adapt your content so that it fulfills a specific need or meets the requirements of a specific audience, you’re going to be much more “findable” on Pinterest.

So, even though Pinterest has changed something that could be seen as negative by altering the way views are tallied up, it also has new tools in place to make your experience even better. If you know where to look and how to put these tools to use.

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