Troubleshooting Your Pinterest Account When Things Seem to Stop Working

If you have been pinning and have been successful, but things have stopped or slowed down, it’s time to pause and re-evaluate your strategy. The best thing to do to get back on track is to go back to the basics with troubleshooting your Pinterest account. Take time to go deep into your Pinterest account, and research your keywords again. 


Keyword research will be helpful because it’s possible your keywords have changed over time. Keywords do not change rapidly, but over time they may change. It’s important to keep up with the changes to be successful on Pinterest. Start here when troubleshooting your Pinterest account.

For example, in 2019 if you searched for “how to make a face mask” you would have seen items for facials or ingredients like avocado to make a moisturizing face mask at home. However, today if you searched for “how to make a face mask”, it’s going to teach you different ways to make a cloth face mask at home because of what happened.

Another great reason to do keyword research is to see the new high-ranking images that come up.

Keywords change because the way people search changes over time. Another great reason to do keyword research is to see the new high-ranking images that come up. This also changes over time. The images that are ranking high today will not be the same as the images that were ranking high when you first started. This will be helpful to give you some ideas.

Keep scrolling for a little bit, maybe three screens down. Pay attention to what people are pinning and what the pins look like.

  • Are they a certain color?
  • Are they a certain style?
  • Are there more videos?
  • Are there more stories?
  • Are they regular pins?

Using this strategy will help stimulate your creativity. 

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The next step is to go to your analytics and take a look, this is vital when troubleshooting your Pinterest account. Go back to 90 days and 6 months. You can adjust this timeframe using the sidebar on Pinterest. Take a look at your analytics and see what content you’ve created that has the most impressions, the most outbound link clicks, and the most saves.

  • What do they have in common?
  • Is it a certain subject?
  • Is it a certain pin style?
  • Is it certain keywords?
  • Is it a certain size or format?

It is important to look at more than just impressions because video pins and story pins will have more impressions than standard pins. Standard pins will most likely have more outbound clicks.

Take a couple of hours to look at these items and write some notes. This will help you troubleshoot your account and it will also help you get inspired on how to refresh what you have going on with your account. 

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The next important item to complete when troubleshooting your Pinterest account is to do a board clean-up. Do a little spring cleaning on your boards. Take a look at your boards.

  • Are there any that you haven’t pinned to in a while?
  • Are there boards that are just sitting there?
  • Are those boards still relevant?
  • Are you still creating content for those boards and pinning to them?
  • Should you merge those boards with another?
  • Should you change some board titles?
  • Should you refresh the board descriptions?

Maybe you have a board that you didn’t add a description to. It’s important to add a description to that board and refresh any descriptions that you think are necessary. 

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Profile & Pins

It is also important to go back and check your profile name and your profile description.

  • Is it updated?
  • Does it have the keywords that you want?
  • Does it have the keywords that you want to be found from? 

Don’t forget to look at the pins you created that seemed to be performing well and think about how you can apply that to the new pins you create. How can you refresh your current existing posts by creating new pins that contain the new ideas?

Once you review and complete all these tasks, it is time to start scheduling pins to post again.

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Conclusion on Troubleshooting Your Pinterest Account

There are many factors that go into Pinterest account growth, but these strategies will most likely fix the problem when troubleshooting your Pinterest account.

Let me know in the comments if this was helpful. Let me know if you tried this. Check the resources that I am dropping and if it’s helpful, subscribe!

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