Solving the Mystery of Your Dropping Pinterest Views

Have you been seeing dropping Pinterest views lately? It’s frustrating to pin the same high-quality content as always and still see it flop. So you’re probably wondering, what’s the deal? 

Today, we’re going to do a bit of detective work to figure out what may be causing your Pinterest views to drop, what this means, and how you can fix the issue.

Views Aren’t Everything

Sure, having high viewership on your pins is a nice feeling, but how much does it actually matter? We often think that bigger means better when it comes to Pinterest views, and in some cases, it does! If you have high viewership, that means that more people are seeing your content and your online reach is spreading. 

Views aren’t the end-all, be-all measure of success.

Of course, views are important, but at the end of the day, they’re just that– views. They aren’t the end-all, be-all measure of success; they’re just the representation of how many people have seen your content. With that being said, let’s get into a few of the usual suspects for dropping Pinterest views.

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Seasonality Causes Dropping Pinterest Views

The time and season in which you publish a pin have a much larger impact than you’d think. Often, people want to see certain types of content and topics at certain times. Typically, the calendar season and approaching holidays will have the most noticeable effect on what content is most popular.

For example, let’s assume you want to make a video pin about pumpkin carving. Pumpkin carving is, of course, a classic Halloween tradition, so if you make that pin in October, you’re going to notice much higher viewership than you would otherwise. 

However, if you were to make that same pin in January, there’s a fairly high chance that it’ll flop. That doesn’t reflect poorly on your content at all, it just means that nobody’s searching for Halloween-related posts when Halloween is still ten months out. Whenever you’re working on new Pinterest content, take advantage of the current season to maximize your views!

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Pinterest Follows Trends

The internet is a bit of a strange place, with the next big thing seemingly changing on a dime. While it may seem like a hassle to keep up with the latest trends, it’s well worth the time and effort to do so. If not, you may have dropping Pinterest views. 

As we mentioned before, it’s important to make sure that people are looking for the content you’re creating. If a certain type of content seems to be all the rage lately, it’s probably because people are actively looking for it. Take the opportunity to throw your hat into the ring and follow these trends, and you’ll notice your views growing faster than ever!

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Know the Platform

Pinterest’s hottest new trends aren’t the only things that are changing. Pinterest itself is also constantly updating, evolving, and shifting, so as a content creator, it’s absolutely critical that you keep up with the platform updates so you can figure out what will work best for you.

Every so often, Pinterest will roll out new features that completely change how creators use the platform, and with these features, the most effective marketing tactics change as well. For example, there was a time when the Pinterest algorithm favored idea pins, meaning that by making idea pins, your content would be pushed up much higher in the rankings than other types of content.

Pinterest will roll out new features that completely change how creators use the platform, and with these features, the most effective marketing tactics change as well.

However, this didn’t last forever. Eventually, content creators noticed that the views and engagement on idea pins were steadily decreasing, while standard and video pins enjoyed a considerable uptick in engagement. By knowing what content the algorithm favors, you can ensure you’re always equipped to minimize any dropping Pinterest views.

Solving the Problem

Now we know what could be causing the problem of dropping Pinterest views, but how do we actually solve it? First of all, keep in mind that fluctuating viewership is perfectly natural, and isn’t the end of the world under any circumstances. Growth on Pinterest isn’t necessarily linear. Periods of stagnation and even decreases are to be expected, and as long as you stay consistent with your content, you’ll not only recover but grow even further than before!

Of course, it never hurts to give your content a bit of a tune-up. Make sure you’re using relevant keywords. The best keywords, like trends, seasons, and the algorithm, are always changing, so the keywords that worked for you in the past may not be doing you any favors now. 

Change the vocabulary in your pins and tweak your profile’s wording a bit and you’ll be golden! Additionally, be sure the content itself aligns with what your viewers want. Keep your target audience in mind, and make sure your content is tailored to their likes and dislikes.

Finally, be sure to stick with it! Social media marketing can be frustrating at times, but it’s important for you to weather the storm and grow from it. As long as you’re staying consistent, your views will increase to match!

Solving Your Dropping Pinterest Views

To summarize solving the mystery of your dropping Pinterest views: 

  • Remember that view fluctuations are normal.
  • Pin content that follows the seasons and hottest trends.
  • Understand the benefits of all the features that Pinterest offers.
  • Optimize your content with good keywords. 
  • Align with what your audience wants.
  • Stick with it!

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