Marketing Predictions: 2023 Digital Marketing Trends to Capitalize On

The New Year is here, and it’s going to be a big year for 2023 digital marketing predictions and trends! Today, I’m going to share with you some predictions for the upcoming year from Rachel Pedersen

If you’ve never heard of her, Rachel, the Social media Queen, is a social media marketing expert with an amazing understanding of the digital marketplace and a great eye for digital marketing predictions and trends. 

Here are some of the trends she’s looking at for digital marketing predictions in 2023:

2023 Digital Marketing Predictions and Trends With Platform Changes

In 2023, we are going to be seeing fewer and fewer returns on Instagram. Instagram is already out and winding down, and this trend will continue. 

We are also going to see text message advertising ramp up, but then wind down by the end of 2023. 

YouTube, however, is going to explode and become the biggest platform on a whole new level. People who create on YouTube consistently are going to thrive. TikTok will be a close second with the platform reconfiguring a few things with its algorithm.

Pinterest will also be a hidden gem for 2023, both for organic impressions and paid content. 

Overall, paid advertising costs on all platforms will decrease in 2023. Get ready to run lead generation campaigns.

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Video Content Marketing Predictions Coming Your Way

Some changes are coming to the way people will view video content. Don’t worry– video content isn’t going away. However, there will be some changes in the way this content is best formatted. 

Overly edited content is making its way out! People are not going to be interested in long, or even short intros for your content unless these intros are absolutely excellent. And even if you think that your intros are amazing, your audience might not think so. 

You are not the decider of what’s excellent– your drop-off times in your video is. I know that sounds harsh, but today’s audience wants you to be direct and just start talking in your videos. 

B Roll with overlaid words is going to reign supreme next year. Thank goodness it’s super easy to create! 

In case you didn’t know, B Roll is video that is spliced together– think establishing atmospheric shots that show where you are filming, or cutaways that give more information. B Roll gives your short videos more visual interest, so don’t be afraid to use it!

Marketing Predictions With Business Changes

We will be seeing some major changes in the way business marketing functions. First, more businesses are going to be making marketing department layoffs and hiring freelancers for less commitment, slightly less money, and more consistent results. 

This means that now is the time to bolster your portfolio– if you’re a freelance digital marketer, you’re going to be in hot demand for 2023, a big one of the marketing predictions. 

“If you’re a freelance digital marketer, you’re going to be in hot demand for 2023.” 

Also on the financial side of things, consumers are going to really appreciate this predicted trend. The value of free is making a comeback. While everyone else is pinching every last penny from their customers, try sharing massive value and transformation for free. 

Your customers will be grateful and will likely recommend you to their friends. Word of mouth and testimonials are great advertising tools, especially for small businesses.

The role of community will also be very important in 2023. Marketing events will need to have actual value and community to continue working. People will be less willing to pay for fluff, but if an event can truly offer something unique and valuable, it will be worth it.

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Attitude Changes in Digital Marketing Predictions

Finally, one of the biggest changes that we will see in 2023 is in the way people respond to different types of content. People already find clickbait annoying and are responding less to hype. Hype and clickbait are really going to wind down in 2023 as consumers seek authenticity and sincerity. 

The best way to effectively reach your ideal audience is to intimately know what problems and pains they experience. If you can market yourself, your services, or your product as a solution, that’s what people are seeking. 

I’ve said as much myself about the Pinterest audience. Understanding your audience is the key to getting clicks and conversions. Don’t create content just for the algorithm. We don’t want to be creating content just for views– you want to create content for the right people who will take action. 

Remember, you aren’t creating content for some abstract concept of “social media” or “digital marketing.” You’re creating content that will be seen by people. If you can help solve their problems, they will take the action you want.

“You aren’t creating content for some abstract concept of “social media” or “digital marketing.” You’re creating content that will be seen by people.”

Creating content around this will be a game-changer in 2023 and moving forward. I highly recommend using Rache’s Online Business Owner Bundle this year. 

2023 Digital Marketing Trends on Pinterest

So what else will we see in 2023? Digital platforms are always changing and evolving, so no matter what else you do, you need to pay attention! 

I personally can’t wait to see how Pinterest marketing will change and grow as the platform continues to evolve. This year there are many marketing predictions and trends Pinterest has highlighted that depending on your niche, you’d do well to capitalize on. 

Start HERE with Pinterest Predicts and go from there based on your niche. Love it!

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