10 Reasons to Start Using Pinterest Marketing for Your Business

If you’re trying to promote your business online without using Pinterest, you’re missing out on a huge amount of potential engagement. With the means to get eyes on your business and plenty of interested users, it’s one of the best platforms to market your business on. Let’s go over ten of the best reasons to start using Pinterest marketing!

1. Large User Base

First of all, Pinterest’s user base is massive, coming in at a whopping 445 million global users. This has allowed it to become the fourth most popular social media platform even though it isn’t technically social media, to begin with. The sheer size of its user base means that there are many diverse demographics on the platform, making it extremely easy to find your niche.

2. It’s a Visual Platform

Pinterest is a purely visual platform, making it the perfect place to showcase a product or service. Because of this, you can give viewers a much closer look at the fine details and benefits of your business, presenting a much more appealing brand image than text alone could create. Once your audience has seen these photos and videos as inspiration, you can redirect them to your personal site to learn even more about your brand.

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3. It’s a Clickable Website

As of right now, about half of Pinterest’s content can be embedded with a clickable link. This allows you to further promote your brand by sending viewers to your personal site, where they can learn more or even make purchases. Pinterest is working to make 100% of its content clickable, so it’s well worth looking into!

4. No Requirement for a Link in Bio

Many sites require certain requirements to be met before you can put an internal link in your bio, but Pinterest doesn’t. You can add your external link as soon as your account is set up, allowing you to promote your personal site as soon as you make an account.

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5. Pinterest is Highly Shoppable

Pinterest makes it easy to display products, product details, and prices using Product Pins. In addition, Pinterest has created programs such as the Verified Merchant Program, giving trusted businesses an even better shot at digital marketing. If you qualify, consider signing up! With Pinterest trending towards partially becoming a shopping platform, finding your way into these programs will be an invaluable asset.

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6. Brand Exposure

Pinterest is designed to boost its users’ online presence, making it easier to find and get more eyes on your brand. Pinterest users are always looking for newthings that appeal to their interests: 

  • Ideas
  • Products
  • Services

So finding your ideal audience is simpler than ever. Once you’ve found this audience, your content will encourage them to make a purchase.

7. Users Have High Intent

Pinterest users aren’t just mindlessly scrolling, they’re intentionally searching for useful and inspirational content. This makes it much easier for you to create a convincing advertisement and find loyal customers. Even if they aren’t ready to make a purchase yet, your interesting content will make them follow you, giving you as much time as you need to make a sale.

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8. Content Lasts Longer

On most social media platforms, a popular post will go viral, dominate the rankings for a few weeks, and then fade into obscurity. Pinterest, however, works much differently. Any time you make a pin, it remains in the algorithm long after it was first posted. As such, each pin will continue to drive engagement your way months or even years later.

9. 97% of Searches Are Unbranded

When people use a search engine, they tend to search for a specific brand or service, but the overwhelming majority of Pinterest searches contain an idea, concept, or aesthetic. Rather than compete with massive corporations as you would on a regular search engine, Pinterest gives every brand a shot at a high spot in the rankings, regardless of size. This also means that users are more open to trying new methods or shopping from new brands, giving you the perfect chance to find a foothold. 

Pinterest gives every brand a shot at a high spot in the rankings, regardless of size.

10. Pinterest Works Well With Google

Many popular digital marketing platforms are more or less self-contained, meaning that popularity on one platform doesn’t really translate to popularity on another. Pinterest, on the other hand, directly impacts the search results and rankings of Google. Being popular on Pinterest makes you much more appealing to Google’s algorithm, giving you much higher search rankings and even a spot on the coveted first page!

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Start Using Pinterest Marketing for Your Business

Needless to say, Pinterest is one of the most useful tools you can use as a digital marketer, giving your brand absolutely incredible potential for growth and exposure. There’s no time like the present to open an account, and with enough commitment, effort, and creativity, your business stands to benefit greatly.

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