What Are the Best Performing pins On Pinterest?

Here’s something a client asked me recently: Which pins should they be creating? Standard Pins, Idea Pins, or both? Today, we will talk about what are the best performing pins on Pinterest.

What to know about best performing pins on pinterest

There are two basic types of pins on Pinterest: Idea Pins and Standard Pins. Both can be flat images or videos. But they’re not created equal and one brings the best performing pins on Pinterest.

What Is An Idea Pin?

Before we go further, let’s remember: Idea Pins are pins that look a little bit like Instagram Reels, where there are several pages or a single page where you mix and match images and videos. You can create these in the app and add text overlays and voiceovers– they’re very versatile. You can do a lot of things with them. You can even add stickers with your products or tag someone. Pinterest is even testing links with Idea Pins! 

We usually see that the best Idea Pins tell a complete story or share something completely.

Now, Idea Pins are meant for consumption within Pinterest. We usually see that the best Idea Pins tell a complete story or share something completely. When sharing a recipe, for example, a good Idea Pin should showcase the ingredients, the process, and the final result. They are a whole idea, not just a teaser. There’s so much you can do with Idea Pins!

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What Is A Standard Pin?

Standard Pins are the typical pin type we see. These are the type of pin that made Pinterest what it is when Pinterest originally launched back in 2012. They are composed of one single image or maybe one single video. A carousel pin may also be considered a Standard Pin. You can’t create these in the app, only on the desktop. The not-so-popular type of Standard Pin is a carousel of images with up to five slides. I do not see these often, but it’s still considered a Standard Pin. 

The benefit of the Standard Pin is that you can add a link to every Standard Pin. Remember that Idea Pins are meant for consumption and viewing within the platform. While Pinterest is experimenting with links in Idea Pins, not everybody has this feature yet, and it might not stick around. But Standard Pins are simple: one tap and the link takes you somewhere else. They are perfect for driving website traffic.

The downside is that the circulation of the Standard Pin is a little slower than the circulation of Idea Pins. It takes time for Pinterest to understand each and every Standard Pin and distribute them properly through the search algorithm. 

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Success Is Based On Strategy

Depending on your goals and Pinterest strategy, the kind of pins you should be creating is a little bit different. You might rely specifically on Idea Pins or use them both. Some strategies even rely more on Standard Pins. Your strategy and goals will determine the best performing pins on Pinterest for your business or blog.

pinning For Business Owners

If you’re using Pinterest to market your business and to get people to your website or to buy your product, or if you’re trying to get people to sign up for your offers or services, you definitely want to have both types of Pins.

If you want people to go to your website, that automatically tells you that you should incorporate Standard Pins. 

But you should also be using Idea Pins because while Standard Pins will help you get traffic, Idea Pins will help you be seen faster. For business owners, a good strategy is about 50/50 Idea and Standard Pins, because both are the best performing pins on Pinterest based on your goals. You might want to tip the scales a little bit in favor of the Standard Pins, simply because they’re a little easier to create and they can be easily scheduled.

best performing pins on pinterest

pinning for Content Creators

Now, if you are a content creator, you’re in a new category. Before Idea Pins, the idea of being a content creator that creates content for consumption within Pinterest, wasn’t really something common. Creators needed a website and blog to share their ideas and Pinterest was their main source of website traffic.

This changed when the Creator Rewards Program launched! If you’re interested in monetization through content creation (not through selling a product or service), then you’ll grow through Idea Pins in these ways the best.

  • affiliate marketing
  • paid partnerships
  • sponsored content

This is especially true if you don’t have a separate website to link to. In this case, you definitely want to lean on Idea Pins. Standard Pins just won’t help you as much. Now, some content creators do have a website or sell products, and if that’s you, you need to use both types of Pin. 

Do keep in mind that merchants can’t monetize through the Creator Rewards Program. 

When you’re choosing the pin types you want to use, you have to look at your goals and content strategy. Your pin creation strategy will depend on what you want to achieve with Pinterest. So evaluate your strategy to determine the best performing pins on Pinterest for your business.

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