9 Ways How To Use Pinterest For Business Growth

If you are a business owner, you should be using Pinterest as part of your digital marketing strategy. But maybe you don’t know how to use Pinterest for business? Your business can actually benefit from it, and your business can succeed by using Pinterest.  

Today, I’m going to go over nine ways that you can use Pinterest to promote and improve your business. These ways are tried, tested, and true. They’re not flash-in-the-pan hacks, but real pieces of a marketing strategy that can work for any business in 2023.

1. Use Keywords to Reach Your Audience

The main reason to use Pinterest for business is to share your products and services. When you do this, make sure to use the right keywords.

Pinterest categorizes your material based on keywords to serve it to users in search results. People will find your content much sooner and more frequently if you use the right keywords.

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2. Build Brand Authority

Usually, when people are searching on Pinterest, they don’t have a specific brand in mind. In fact, we know that 90 to 97% of the searches on Pinterest are unbranded. 

This means that you don’t need to be a huge, well-known brand to succeed. If you have what people are looking for, people will find you. The more they find you and see your content, the more authority you will build. 

This is how to use Pinterest for business by attracting your audience with growing brand authority. 

3. Master the Trends

Pinterest trends are a powerful tool for business. You can use Pinterest to find trends to know what kind of content you should create and what your competition is doing. 

Pinterest has tools, such as the annual Pinterest Predicts, that are great for business owners. You can answer questions and provide solutions before your audience even asks.

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4. Advertising

Pinterest is a great place for organic and paid advertising. You can advertise with paid Promoted Pins, but also every time you create a Pin, you are creating an organic advertisement for your business. 

Pinterest has a huge advantage over any other platform because the content lasts. Everything we share on Pinterest today will last for months or even years in the algorithm’s results. 

“Pinterest has a huge advantage over any other platform because the content lasts for months or even years in the algorithm’s results.” 

5. Know Your Audience

Pinterest is a great way for you to learn more about your audience. Once you create a Pinterest business account, you can see who is engaging with your content over time. 

Pinterest also makes it easy to learn about your audience’s other interests. You will find it easier to create content and market yourself both on and outside of Pinterest.

6. Content Sharing

Pinterest is a great way to get people to share your content. Once you have your Pinterest business account, you can add a “Pin it!” button to your website, blogs, and products so that when people visit your site and like what they see, it’s easy for them to save it for later. 

When people interact with and share your Pinterest content, they tell Pinterest that it is interesting and valuable. It helps build both brand authority and visibility. This is how to use Pinterest for business on your website. 

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7. Find A New Audience

Pinterest is an amazing place to find and nurture a new audience. As a platform, Pinterest is like the top of a funnel. People are using Pinterest for: 

  • searching for things ahead of time
  • planning on what they’re interested in doing in the future
  •  looking for solutions that they’ll use later

This means that the more your content shows up in your audience’s search results, the more they will get to know you. The more they see you, the more they will want you. 

This is how to use Pinterest for business in acquiring new leads as well. It’s just a matter of time before they to make the decision to go to your website and take action.

8. Grow Your Email List

If you don’t have an email list yet, what are you waiting for? Email lists work great with Pinterest for business because Pinterest users are primed to click away from the site and to take action. Pinterest users are used to leaving the platform, so it’s very easy to get users to go to your website. 

You can even create content that offers deals and discounts if they click away and sign up for your email list.  

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9. Sell More With Pinterest for Business

If you use an e-commerce platform like Shopify, Woocommerce, Etsy, or other platforms, you can use your Pinterest business account as a storefront. You can: 

  • manually pin your products
  • enable Rich Pins so that your products show up as pins
  • upload your catalog
  • apply to become a Verified Merchant

These methods will let you sell directly on Pinterest and make it extremely easy for your audience to buy from you!

These nine tips are a great foundation for how to use Pinterest for business and take your digital marketing strategy to the next level. This year, take the extra time to get set up for Pinterest success! 

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