Is There a Pinterest Video Downloader? How to Download from Pinterest

Is there a Pinterest video downloader? Can you download published pins and videos from your Pinterest account? For one reason or another, you may need to download your Pinterest pins and videos at some point, and it never hurts to know how. 

Fortunately, doing so is easy and free, and by using the proper methods, you can get high-quality downloads without a watermark. That being said, let’s go over why you may need to download a pin, what to be careful of, and how to go about it!

Reasons to Download a Pin

Why would you want to download an old pin in the first place? There are actually a surprising number of reasons to use what you’d call a Pinterest video downloader, such as:

  • repurposing your old content for another site or blog
  • needing to obtain a pin in its original format
  • reobtaining a pin’s original file after losing it for one reason or another

If you find yourself needing to do any of these things, the ability to download pin immediately becomes an invaluable tool.

Copyright Concerns

Of course, there are a few limitations you should abide by when using a Pinterest video downloader for downloading pins. While Pinterest itself allows you to download almost any file on the site, individual creators may ask you to avoid downloading their content, so it’s your responsibility as a fellow creator to respect that.

This becomes especially important when it comes to repurposing content. Though you can repurpose your own content without any trouble, repurposing someone else’s content as your own is almost never okay, and doing so is considered copyright infringement. Copyright infringement can result in your Pinterest account being restricted, suspended, or banned, and may even leave you open to legal action by the person whose content you used. 

Of course, avoiding this is simple enough. Just be sure to keep producing your own original content, and if you absolutely have to use someone else’s, only do so with their express legal permission and remember to give them proper credit.

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Side Note on Scrapers (other types of Pinterest video downloader)

Before we get into the meat of the article, let me cover one last concern: scrapers. Chances are that you’ve seen scraper sites available online advertising the ability to download pins. While they may or may not work, I can’t recommend using them. Most scrapers go against the Pinterest API’s terms of service, so getting caught using one could result in your account being suspended or banned.

How to Download Pins & Video Pins

With the basic information out of the way, let’s get into the Pinterest tips you’re here for. There are actually several ways you can go about downloading a pin, with certain methods being specific to certain pin formats. Here are the four methods I’ve found most useful, and they’re not necessarily using a Pinterest video downloader.

Method 1: Download Button

To use this method, click on the Pin you want to download, then go to the three-dot menu and click on the download button. Keep in mind that while this is simple enough, it will only work on your own pin .

Method 2: Right Click

This method is almost as simple as the download button, but it can be used on most photo pins, including ones that aren’t from your account. If you see a pin you want to download, just right-click it and select the “save as” option. The main drawback to this method is that it can only be used effectively on photo pins, and only one image can be saved at a time.

Method 3: Downloading Idea and Video pins 

Of course, if you’re looking to download video and Idea pins, the other two methods aren’t always going to cut it. For this method, right-click on the Idea or video pin you want to download and select the download option. This will then open another tab in which you can right-click and save the pin as you would in method 2. 

Keep in mind that while this will work for any Video Pin, it only works for single-slide Idea pins. Attempting to download an Idea pin with multiple slides will result in only the first slide being displayed.

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Method 4: Idea Pin Downloader

If you want to download a multi-slide Idea pin, you’ll need to use an online pin downloader. Fortunately, these are extremely easy to find and even easier to use. Just search “Idea pin downloader” on Google and pick the downloader you prefer. Some may require payment, but if you’re willing to put up with ads, there are plenty of free options available, with my personal favorite being

Once you’ve picked your downloader, just find the pin you want to download, copy its link, and paste it into the downloader. The downloader will then present you with a few download options, and each slide of the Idea pin will be shown as an individual download.

No matter what type of pin you need to download, there’s a quick and easy method to do so. Using these methods will allow you to: 

  • repurpose content,
  • find lost media,
  • preserve your old ideas with ease, and
  • make them an invaluable tool to add to your Pinterest repertoire.

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