How to Use TikTok for Business

When you’re looking at social media platforms, there are none quite as influential as TikTok. With its snappy videos and massive user base, the app draws in millions of views every day. This makes TikTok for business a powerful tool for any marketer.

Why Should You Be Using TikTok for Business?

At its core, TikTok is a discovery platform. The way the site is set up facilitates the spread of ideas and content like no other platform. Its “For You” page home screen delivers precisely targeted content to millions of users every day.

For marketers wanting to use TikTok, this means that you can easily create content that is tailored for watch time and shareability. Well-targeted content can easily spread like wildfire, which nets you the brand recognition and virality that you’ve been looking for.

How To Post on TikTok for Your Business

After you’ve set up your TikTok account, you’ll need to start producing content. Fortunately, the app has powerful built-in editing tools. From filters and sounds to music, TikTok offers a wide variety of options to spice up your videos.

Creating a video is relatively simple. Just push the plus button to record your video. Afterward, you can edit and add text. At the end of the process, you have the option to download a copy of the video to your phone when you post it. Be sure to do this without the watermark if you plan on uploading the content to other platforms.

Of course, it isn’t quite that simple when it comes to going viral fast. There are other factors you’ll need to consider. You want to know which audience to target, what tone to use, and what time to post the video. That’s right! Posting times matter! You want to target your audience’s peak hours to get the most discoverability on the platform when you share the video.

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Optimizing Your TikTok Content

When you post to TikTok for business, you want to create videos that really stand out. To cater to the platform’s audience, you’ll need to keep the content short and rich. Don’t span your videos out too much, or you’ll lose viewers.

You want to have a clearly defined goal with your video.

  • Are you telling people about your services?
  • Are you showcasing the features of a new product?

Whatever you’re doing, you want to make sure that you get the most important points across in your video. Emphasize what really matters.

This will, of course, require planning. Before you start recording:

  1. Sit down and draft an outline of your video.
  2. Decide what tone you will use.
  3. What information you aim to get across.

You may have to prune the list a bit, but you’ll eventually end up with a useful content outline. Save this information for later, because you can repurpose your draft into a blog post!

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Repurposing Your Content

Another great perk of TikTok for business is its ability to create multipurpose videos. Remember how you can export your TikTok videos? Well, you can use that content on other sites. There are tools available online to download your TikTok content without the watermark, which leaves you with clean content for other platforms.

This means that one video can stretch across multiple social media platforms. One TikTok video can easily be repurposed into an Instagram story or Reels, Pinterest Idea pins, YouTube shorts, Facebook and LinkedIn posts. With each additional upload, you gain more chances to be discovered by new clients.

TikTok’s innovative suite of content editing tools rival the power of many video editing platforms. This means that you can remove a step from your overall content flow. Instead of editing a video and transferring it to your phone, you can use TikTok as a means of instantly creating and editing ready-to-use video content.

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Refining Your Content Flow

All of this is to say that TikTok for business is an invaluable resource. Aside from its power as a social media platform, the app’s editing tools give you the power and ability to create engaging videos without a steep price tag or learning curve. As a result, you can smooth out your content flow, which means you gain more time for yourself and worry less about uploading.

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