Why Pinning Your TikToks to Pinterest Isn’t Helping Your Account

You’ve put a lot of work in, come up with some awesome, creative ideas, and spent a ton of time curating your TikTok content to perfectly sell your brand. Now, you can just repurpose all of that great content by pinning your tiktoks to Pinterest, right? Wrong.

More and more lately, we’re seeing TikToks reposted to Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms as-is. That means, businesses or brands are downloading their TikTok videos and simply reuploading them to another platform. No changes. TikTok watermark included. This is the easiest way to call yourself out that you’re simply recycling content, and most platforms aren’t big fans of this.

While the recycling method is definitely the easy route, it isn’t doing your Pinterest account (or your business, for that matter) any favors.

Each Platform Has a Culture

Online marketing is all about understanding what does well on each platform. What works on Instagram isn’t going to be the same as what works on TikTok. 

When creators don’t do the research and produce content specifically designed for their intended platform, we often watch those advertisements crash and burn. Audiences and consumers on each platform have come to expect a certain type or style of content; if you don’t meet their expectations, you’re not going to find success, no matter how good your content is.

If you don’t meet their expectations, you’re not going to find success, no matter how good your content is.

Take Instagram for example. With TikTok’s meteoric rise in popularity, we’ve seen Instagram Reels turn into a place to simply recycle TikTok videos. IG Reels doesn’t really have it’s own culture. Instead, it’s simply become a secondhand TikTok culture, with every piece of content borrowed from TikTok. 

There’s not much that excites users about this. There’s no reason to subscribe to or participate in multiple social media platforms if they’re all recirculating the exact same content.

That’s why it’s important to adapt the content creation you’ve already done with TikTok into content that fits Pinterest’s specifications. It’s your job to curate content that fits the culture of the platform.

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Tips and Tricks for Pinning Your Tiktoks to Pinterest

Say Goodbye to the Watermark

First of all, if you’re pinning your TikToks to Pinterest, the first step is to make sure you download the video without a watermark or remove the watermark using a third party app. 

Instagram has already adjusted its algorithm to prevent the promotion of content that seems to be recycling TikToks straight to Instagram Reels. Though Pinterest hasn’t officially made any announcements, it’s likely they won’t allow the watermark much longer, either.

Pinterest has a powerful image reader that can identify the watermark and flag the video. Cutting corners in this way just won’t pay off in the long run. You’ll end up having to pull down videos, reupload content, or generate new content completely. So you might as well spend that time putting effort into your Pinterest marketing in the first place!

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Learn the Culture

Take the time to learn the culture of each platform you’re using. Fitting into the culture of TikTok means finding creative ways of selling and staying up to date with current trends. What does fitting into the culture of Pinterest look like for you and your business?

No matter what, the experience of being sold to should feel like interactive content. An ad isn’t just an ad, it’s a way to engage with your audience. If you’re doing it right, your customers won’t even know they’re being sold to, they’re just interacting with your brand.

Creating a sales experience means adjusting your content to match the culture of each platform.

If you’re doing it right, your customers won’t even know they’re being sold to

The #1 Rule

Many platforms have begun adopting Instagram’s “stories” feature (even Twitter has its own version of the concept). This is a quick way to post in-the-moment updates that users can quickly scroll through. They’re usually featured for a brief period of time and then they disappear unless they’re saved or pinned to the account.

Pinterest is no different. But, just like any other platform, Pinterest has unique rules for the Idea Pins feature. Learning what works for TikTok vs what works for Instagram vs what works for Pinterest is important.

But, the #1 rule across all platforms is: they all want unique content. Recycled content doesn’t help them or you. Pinterest isn’t interested in becoming second-hand TikTok the way IG Reels has. 

That doesn’t mean you have to go back to the drawing board and generate brand new content for each platform. Instead, you have to tweak the content you have in order to format it properly in a way that satisfies the platform requirements and the platform culture. 

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Organic vs Promoted Pins

Curating your content to each platform based on each platform’s specific culture should bring your customers to you. But if you need an extra boost, promoted pins can be worth looking into. While your focus should be on generating organic traffic, promoted pins on Pinterest can help expand your reach. 

The Bottom Line

The more time you dedicate to truly understanding each platform, the more organic traffic you will generate. Recycling your content across platforms is cutting corners, which can ultimately backfire in the long run.

I know it’s not easy to get a handle on the specifics of each platform, but the reward is completely worth it. And if you need a helping hand, I’ve got you covered!

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