Should You Pin Other People’s Pins to Grow Your Pinterest Account?

Should you pin other people’s pins to grow your pinterest account? The short answer is yes, you can. But should you? Maybe. At this point, we know Pinterest doesn’t penalize anyone for only pinning their own content. That includes pins that go to products, blog posts, landing pages, or other pages you might want to pin to.

Should You Grow Your Pinterest by Pinning Other People’s Pins?

You do not have to pin other people’s content to grow your Pinterest account, especially when the goal of your account is to market your own business. If you are pinning for fun and you enjoy it, then yes. Go ahead and pin away on other people’s content. But you don’t have to.

We used to believe that we had to pin other people’s content to jumpstart our blogs and accounts. It was believed that pinning other people’s content that was somehow related to our content, would help Pinterest index our boards and pins. However, that might not be the case. The truth is, if you have enough content, pins, and links, you can focus on pinning your content to your specific boards. 

“The truth is, if you have enough content, pins, and links, you can focus on pinning your content to your specific boards.


Now, is it okay to pin other content? Yes. If you want to pin other people’s content, make sure it relates to your niche, audience, and business. You don’t want to be pinning content that has nothing to do with what you do if your goal is to grow your Pinterest account for marketing purposes.

If you do want to pin unrelated content, make sure you pin to a secret board. Your audience doesn’t need to see content that is unrelated to your account. If they come to your account for certain content, that is what they should see.

Also, keep in mind that if you have friends in a different niche or business friends and you guys are sharing each other’s content, it may be a good idea to help each other grow. However, when you are pinning other people’s content, you aren’t bringing traffic to yourself. You’re giving the traffic to them. That is okay as long as you know that doing this will not help grow your Pinterest account. 

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I have seen an issue with clients with quality. If the content isn’t high quality, a link is dead or broken, or the image is misleading, it is a waste of time. The keyword here is to be intentional. We want to be intentional with what we are pinning and the message we are sending to our audience and Pinterest. 


When you’re pinning other people’s content, be mindful of your analytics. If you don’t break it down, Pinterest will show you the total including pins from other people. You should only be evaluating your own pins. You want to look at views, impressions, saves, and outbound clicks that your own account has.

So, the answer is yes. You can pin other people’s pins. But should you? That is up to you. Personally, my strategy involves spending time creating more pins for my clients and the accounts I am working on. I don’t spend time searching for content from other people to share. You should do what works best for you and your audience to know what’s best to grow your Pinterest account.

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