What Can Your Business Achieve With Pinterest?

You’ve probably heard how Pinterest is amazing and can help you grow your business and how others have done it. But how do you actually do that? Stay around, I’ll tell you exactly what can your business achieve with Pinterest.

My name is Tereza Toledo and I’m a Pinterest expert strategist. I’ve been helping businesses use Pinterest for the last 5 years!

Neat Things About Pinterest

  • Pinterest is a visual search engine with social media capabilities.
  • People use Pinterest to find ideas and inspiration.
  • Most Pinterest users are searching for things to do, things to try, and things to buy.
  • 97% of searches are unbranded and pinners welcome new products and brands!

Pinterest is slowly becoming a more shoppable experience, but conversions still happen on the website. The goal is to share inspiring content and value on the platform that will attract and nurture your audience so they can head to your website and buy!

How to Use Pinterest For Your Business

  1. Create a Pinterest account.
  2. Download the app, follow the instructions and start looking around.
  3. Put your business marketing hat on and start searching. This will help you get familiar with the platform while understanding how other businesses are using it.

Pinterest has a new program called the Verified Merchant program that is excellent for online product sellers. Once your business account is created, you can apply for the program. It’s free and it’s a great way to start on Pinterest as an online product seller. The VMP is not for everyone, please check on Pinterest for eligibility.

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Next is what you will need to do after creating your account.

Keyword Research

As a visual search engine, Pinterest is all about images and keywords. The words you put into your content should be the words you assume people will search for. The only way your content becomes searchable is through keyworded descriptions, pins titles, image content, and text overlay. You need all of these things to be discovered on Pinterest, so it’s important that you use exactly the right keywords.

Take a little time to research the most relevant keywords for you, your brand, your business, or your blog. Once you know what those are, USE them! Insert them into titles, descriptions, and text overlay so that Pinterest knows exactly where to direct the people looking for you.

They don’t KNOW they’re looking for you yet, but by using strategic keywords, you’re telling them that you are exactly what they need.

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Create Boards

The content we pin (or post) to Pinterest should be organized into boards, almost like playlists. Before you start pinning, create a few boards where you’ll keep your pins organized. Boards should be keyworded and specific.

Create Pins

Pins would be the equivalent of posts on social media. There are different types of pins and the most used at the moment are standard pins (static pins images) and Idea Pins.

Create Videos

Yes, Pinterest is already considered a video platform. People watch close to one billion videos a day on Pinterest.

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Have a Pinning Strategy

Just like you’d need to do on social media platforms, in order to achieve results, you must have a strategy that helps you create and pin content consistently.

Have Patience

Pinterest is an evergreen platform with a highly engineered indexing and content distribution system. In order to achieve organic results, you’ll need to be patient and consistent. Most accounts start seeing results after 3 months of consistent strategic pinning.

“Most accounts start seeing results after 3 months of consistent strategic pinning.”

Ready For What Can Your Business Achieve With Pinterest?

Create your account, and spend time exploring it. Pinterest has several new features such as the watch tab and Pinterest TV. Those features are not available for all accounts yet. If you want to shortcut the process, grab my free Pinterest Playbook and have fun!

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what you can your business achieve with Pinterest