6 Upcoming Pinterest Changes: What’s New On the Platform?

As one of the biggest search engines and media platforms available today, Pinterest is a hub of activity for users and businesses alike. While users enjoy the platform’s easy-to-use interface and organization features, businesses benefit from its link-sharing capabilities.

As with any platform, however, things change. Recently, Pinterest has announced that they will be switching some things up, and this can impact you and your business. Fortunately, all of the adjustments are geared toward improving engagement and monetization. So make sure you area ware of these Pinterest changes.

Pinterest Changes Pins to be More Interactive

One of the biggest changes to the Pinterest platform is the introduction of more in-depth pin types. These will not replace the existing share-based post format. Instead, these pins will supplement and improve upon existing content.

A ‘TikTok Style’ Feed

Creators and businesses will likely be intrigued by one of the headlining features of Instagram’s update. In addition to the array of thumbnails that have traditionally been part of Pinterest’s platform, the site will now have a “watch” mode; with this enabled, users will be presented with full-screen images and videos.

Much like TikTok, the site will also allow users to post their own videos. Branded as “Idea Posts”, these clips can be used to showcase recipes, instructions, and products. In fact, many of the updates Pinterest will be releasing are focused on video content.

For visually focused brands and creators, these features promise to be a game-changer.

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Commenting and “Takes”

Another added element of interactivity will be introduced with Pinterest’s twist on commenting. When a user shares a pin, followers and viewers can now provide their own “Takes.” For example, you can share a video demonstrating how you fold an origami butterfly. A viewer of the video can then add their own “Take”, which can include both text and images, to demonstrate how their attempt turned out.

This feature also allows creators to highlight their favorite projects. If, for instance, someone posts a particularly delicious-looking spin on your cookie recipe, you can now highlight their creation! As a result, their post will be shown alongside yours, providing viewers with a delightful example of the completed project.

Stickers and AR

When creating a new post, users can now add stickers or AR to their images. Stickers will function as they do on other social media sites; they act as fun, overlaid images to add to your post photos.

Pinterest has also announced a “Try It On” feature. This exciting new capability will allow for users to preview how a product, such as lipstick or a hat, will look on them. By utilizing augmented reality mapping, the “Try It On” mode will be able to overlay your products to interested viewers. Pinterest has stated that their intended demographic for this feature is the beauty and fashion industries, which can benefit from users being able to virtually sample a product before purchasing it.

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Pinterest Changes the Monetization Features

To complement this innovative AR addition to Pinterest, the site has also announced an array of improvements for its monetization. Ranging from small to groundbreaking, these updates are aimed at ensuring that businesses will be able to more easily and effectively connect with users.

Direct Product Tagging and Affiliate Links

One of the most important Pinterest changes is the ability to buy an item by viewing a post. Facebook has a similar feature through its marketplace, wherein users can tag products that are on sale. If a profile chooses to enable it, users will also be able to search their posts visually, allowing Pinterest to find similar items.

These features will also be available for users with affiliate links, and users will be able to disclose if a pin is part of a paid promotion.

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A Creator Hub

To complete its upgraded suite of monetization tools, Pinterest has also announced that it will update its profile page. For creators, they are introducing the “Creator Hub”. Using this convenient page, you’ll be able to easily view your follower information, study your engagement data, and create new posts.

A Mysterious Rewards Program

One of the more enigmatic features of the update announcement is Pinterest’s Creator Rewards program. The site has stated that it will be offering opportunities for individuals to publish fresh, innovative, and sponsored content. After the site posts a theme, moderators will comb through submissions and select the best to-be-featured highlights. As a reward, users can expect to be paid for their involvement!

Not much more is known about the Creator Rewards program, however; details are forthcoming.

Alongside Pinterest’s array of innovative new features, the Creator Rewards program promises to drive more content to the sharing-focused website. For users, this means more interactivity and opportunities to learn new skills. For businesses and creators, these updates will provide new ways to attract, connect and nurture their audience.

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Regardless of your position as a user or seller, you’re sure to find something to excite you in this massive bundle of updates. Use these Pinterest changes to your advantage!

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