Use These 5 Idea Pins to Grow Pinterest Views Quickly!

Do you want more views on Pinterest? Of course you do! Getting lots of views, clicks, and engagement means that your Pinterest marketing strategy is working. 

Today, I’m going to share five ways to create Pinterest Idea Pins to grow your views in ways that will always work. These ideas are easy to create and record on your phone. They’re perfect to showcase your products, your ideas, and anything that you are promoting with Pinterest.

Can You Use Pinterest Idea Pins to Grow Pinterest Views?

Idea Pins are the latest pin format that Pinterest has created and are great for getting people to interact with and save your content. Every time somebody engages with your Idea Pins, they will see more of what you have to offer. So making great Idea Pins can help explode your Pinterest views!

So, without further ado, let’s explore some ideas for Idea Pins!

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1. How-To Videos

How-to videos are videos that explain how to do something: 

  • how to create something
  • how to style something
  • how to use your product
  • how to do anything that you want to share. 

Now, your how-to videos don’t have to be complete tutorials. You’re just showing them how to use something. A full tutorial is another style of video that I’ll share with you later. 

When you are creating a how-to video, you can star in it yourself by talking to the camera. You can also do B-roll with voiceovers to showcase the product, or just show your hands to show how whatever you’re teaching is done.

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2. How It’s Made Videos

This is a behind-the-scenes idea and it helps you connect to your audience. At the end of the day, we all want to learn more about the brands and products that we love and get an idea or sneak peek at how it’s made. A behind-the-scenes is the perfect way to connect and engage with your audience and to get them curious about your product.

In a “how it’s made” video, you can definitely showcase how your product is created and how your ideas are generated. When people learn how something is made, they usually aren’t going to try to make it themselves. It just gets them curious and excited about the product, and about you! Many Pinterest users don’t want to just buy your product; they want to buy the feeling and concepts behind what you have.

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3. Tutorial

When I say “tutorial,” that means step-by-step from the very beginning. Show people everything. If you’re sharing a recipe, show the ingredients. If you’re sharing a project, show them the materials. If you’re styling something, show all of the products you use. 

In an Idea Pin tutorial, explain everything to your audience by either talking to them or with a text overlay. You can use the notes section of your Idea Pin to describe the process and tell people exactly what to use, how much you used, and how you did it. Don’t be afraid to give away a lot of value here– it helps create a connection with your audience!

Don’t be afraid to give away a lot of value; it helps create a connection with your audience!

4. Before and After Video

Everybody loves a “before and after” video. If you are selling products, show the before and after of what that product can do! Sell your idea by wowing people by showing them how it can make changes. For this type of Idea Pin, you don’t need to go step by step as you did with the full tutorial.  In this case, just show the before, after, and a brief description of what was done.

People love transformations, and if you want to boost this engagement, ask questions. Ask them how they like it or what they think about the transformation. Get them curious about how you achieve that “after,” and don’t forget to describe the products that you used, especially if they’re the products that you’re selling. 

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5. Do This, Not That Video

Have you seen those videos where people use the green checkmark and red X emoji showcasing the right and wrong way to do something or use a product? We see a lot of these with: 

  • Fashion
  • Decor
  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Other types of products

When you make a video like this, make it fun and interesting. Add a little bit of humor! If you can make it funny, you’ll see a lot of engagement with this type of video!

Put together a few videos or images sharing things that do and don’t work with your product, and demonstrate why some ways are better than others. People love to stop and watch videos to make sure that they’re doing something the right way! You can also ask questions like “Is this how you would do it?” and “Would you do it another way?” for engagement.

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